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My grandmothers house has always been the center of very strange activity.Its what they call an old mill village house, it was built some time around the early 1900's.  She has lived in it most of her life. The story goes back to a time before that to a women that lived there untill her husband lost his job at the
cotten mill.

They were about to loose every thing
including the house. She went into the back closet and
killed herself.Since then the house has been remodled so
many times that the closet is the bathroom and with  a
wall on the other side became part of a den, also the
heart of the house. When my mother was growing up the
"den" was her room and she would see the shadows on
the walls, hear the voices, and even see the old lady in
the chair. the strange thing is that when I was five
years old I was sleeping over at my grandmothers house,
something had woken me up in the middle of the night
and when I look down toward the foot of the bed, there
was an old lady!
in the chair. I wasnt afraid, maybe I was to young to
realize what it was.
The next morning I woke and told my grandmother about
her and she was very upset, she called my mother to
tell what I had seen, come to find out I was a third
generation to experiance this. Now I'm grown with a 6
year old daughter and she to has seen her, and just like
my mother and me I had never mentioned there being
anything "diffrent" at my grandmothers house. Other
things have happend through the years,In fact to many
things to mention. Really its quite unnerving. I would
really like to investagate this futhur... thats why I'm

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