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Haunted Montevallo Campus

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Just an f.y.i. if you're ever driving through Montevallo, Alabama late at night. Stop by the campus of University of Montevallo. There's just about a ghost story for every building and quad on campus.

There's even a website with four of the buildings on campus stories: <>  King's House, Main Hall (girl's dormatory, my Residence Hall), Palmer Hall, and Reynold's Hall. But there's more stories then are listed on that page.
 My boyfriend heard someone tell him to get out when he and his friend along with the baseball team snuck into King's House late at night, ironically during halloween.
 I've heard Condie's hollow, hair-raising scream at 4:45 am one Wensday night in December. I've seen a woman in the corner of my room in a civil war era dress seemingly chastizing me for having snuck my boyfriend into my dorm room late at night to sleep. And then there's King's House kitchen who anyone who's paid any attention to it has gotten a bad vibe from that place and more then a handful of people have told me they've also felt watched whenever they've gone near them.
 A friend was looking into the kitchen and thought I had put my hand on his shoulder to look in with him and when he turned around he got a fright because I was across the brick patio from him  staring into the window upstares.
 Several are fascinated by King's House. It's rumored the first time you go there late at night when king's wandering around and the thing in the kitchen's stirring -prehaps even the little girl who plays around there. Once you've been there, you'll always want to go back. Also some more stories include a friend's mom's friend who's fiancee died and she eventually couldn't stand it anymore and climbed up the Caf Office Tower and paced up there or two hours. She said it look like she was going t come down after that but the next things they knew she threw herself off the tower to her death on the brick street below. It's rumored that you can still see her pacing the top of the tower on certain nights. There's plenty of haunts around campus, I've even made a two tour campus tour list of stories for my friends when they come up to see the campus. "Montevallo By Day" tells you about the buildings then around midnight I take them around again on the "Montevallo By Night" tour.
 It has almost all the ghost stories I've ever heard on the tour and it goes around most of campus. Montevallo even has a cemetery on campus, King Cemetery (Civil War Era). But if you visit anywhere late at night on campus King's is the place to go. You're more apt to hear things on campus then you are to see things, but I do believe it is both the literal and figurative dead center of Alabama.
 So if you wanta a place for ghost hunting Montevallo's you're place. And no more then a max of an hour away in B-ham is Sloss Furnace and other well haunted sites.   But one last thing you'll notice if you spend a long time on campus: tv remotes, aim, alarm clocks, and other electronic device will start screwing up or stop working completely. I went through three alarm clocks by the end of my first year. All of which are now working again after being left at home all summer long.
 There's several weird and unexplainable things that happen if you stay on campus long. Heck just look at the students, any who have completed degree there say they love Montevallo. I've only come across one person in the several I've asked who didn't like Montevallo -and they dropped out shortly after they got there.
 Sun rarely shines on campus, there's almost always a fog/mist, and everyone seems somewhere between dead and alive between normal and completely zoned out or brainwashed. There's something strange about this campus, and frankly I want to know what it is and why Montevallo.

Lupei de Fountain
(Pen Name)  

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