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 Elaine Ballard

Equipment: kodak 310 digital 35mm 800 film  compass

Favorite sites: Just started I go to graveyards and bridges anywhere I can think of

Thoughts: I believe there are spirits alot of things that cannot be explained

EL Ballard's Photos



Connie Briggs


DOB: 12/09/65


Michelle Liles
Verbena, AL
Thoughts: Not really sure... I think the possibility is there.


Jeffery Dale Roberts

They are very feared by people where I live. A group of my friends and I hunt ghost every weekend trying to dicover if they are fact. Equipment: cameras  DOB: 3/15/1984


Daniel Goggins

Equipment: various dig cam dig recorders and the best tool i have is myself as a am very sensitive to things around me.will tell more later

Story: Well lets see my story intrest in all things unexplained started a long time ago when i was around 5 or 6 and awoke to a woman standing over my bed talking to me little did i know it was one of my ancestors i found this out when i ask my mother about it and told her the name but anyway what she told me that night ill remember the rest of my life she told me to carry on our old world traditions of paganism and helping the "ghost" of our world with their needs and i have since became a pagan minister and have personally talked to and seen hundreds of unexplanible things and mixed with my gift from the gods i have some great footage and photos to show for it but if you would like to know more or would like my help on a case plaese feel free to email me at

DOB: 05/26/1981

Occupation: pagan minister


I just moved from Georgia, back to Alabama, where I was born and raised. I have had many ghostly experiences. Including when I was about twelve or thirteen and ran into my doplaganger. I was me! Except for the eyes, which were totally black.

It seems like every place I have ever rented was haunted. There was one where there was a picture, and you had to straighten the darn thing every single time you went by. And you had to move this huge old chair to even get to it. It was a pain in the back....

I've have lots of tales to share with you guys, and will be sending them in, as soon as I can. So be sure and look for them somewhere on these sites!

I am living in Clanton, Alabama now.

DOB: 04-07-77


I live in central Alabama and am a sensitive.

My name is LeeAnn Cleckler and I'm from Midway, Alabama. I was reading something's on your site and came across some things that I didn't know. I was looking at a story from Jemison and Sarah Campbell and a cemetery near the firelanes. If you have any info on it could you please send it my way? I would really like to get into hunting ghosts. There is a cemetery across the road from me where strange things are always happening. I would love to take some pictures over there with a digital camera or leave a tape recorder. My cousins and I have seen white lights over there at night and dogs will suddenly run to it as if called but as soon as they get to the road they get hit by a car. I would like to join your group if possible. I would love to go on some investigations.
 I don't tell many people that because they look at you like you are nuts.I have encountered several ghosts,one being my great-grandmother. I will email the story to be posted, once I get it onto my computer.

I enjoyed reading the stories.


Well. its not much of a story but I think I was like 5 or 6 when this happened. Me and my mother moved into this old ragged looking trailer. We were there a month, then strange stuff started happening.

1st, me and my mom thought it was just the trailer (being old and everything) but it turns out it was'nt. We would come in from the store or just anywhere, and things would fall off the walls.(pictures, ect.) And late at night we would hear these strange noise that appered to be moans of some sort. 

I came in one saturday night and saw what appeared to be a figure lying in my bed, well being me and always looking on the brighter side of things, I thought my mom took her boyfriend back.

I go tap what appeard to be him but it wasnt...instead it was this white headed old man. I ran into the living room and it sounded like he was pursing me but when i looked back no one was there.


Months went by and it was the same thing over and over agian, cabinets shutting, sound of guns going off when there were no guns. Knives comming up missing then found stabed in my moms bed.

Pretty normal to us cause we got used to it. But on this certain night, August the 23rd, we came in and my mom's bed room was coverd with what appeared to be blood. Well, doing the only logical thing,  we got the hell out of there!

 We drove to my Aunt's house from whom we had rented the house from, and thats when we found out why this was happening.

About 30 years earlier, my Aunts grandmother found out her husband was sleeping with his ex-wife, well instead of confronting him she cooked him supper, and saduced him (for the 1st time in 2 years). When he went to sleep she pulled the shotgun from behing the curtain, put a pillow over his head and pulled the trigger. And above all that she cut him into 38 pieces and shoved him in the cabinets.

Well thats it, have'nt been back scince.....but I'm planning on it.

I live in Thorsby, Alabama click here to send me mail!


Wayne Coggins

Clanton, AL

I like ghost hunting with people.

Occupation: clerk

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