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Nicholas Daniel Justice
 Equipment: many digital camcorders, camera, several audio terminals and equipment.
Burbank, CA
After a strange experience at 4:00am this morning (Friday, July 28, 2006) I decided to search for keywords "shaking mattress" and found this web page
( My experience: I was awakened to the inside of my upper mattress (the one above the box spring) shaking.
Initially it felt like something was inside trying to get out. There is only 4 inches of space under the metal frame holding the box spring.
I was wide awake. I turned on the light and pressed my hands down on the middle of the mattress, the source of the shaking. I could feel strong impacts inside the mattress as if something was inside it. Pressing down on the springs, I couldn't feel any tangible object
that could have been causing this effect. After a few minutes I decided the impacts were mechanical and rhythmic rather than from something organic (like a rodent or snake that would emanate random vibrations as it moved around). After jumping on the mattress the
vibrations and impacts abruptly stopped.
I stripped the bed, pulled up the mattress and box spring, and thoroughly investigated for any tears in the mattress or box spring. Both were still brand new looking with no tears or even small openings in the seams. The carpet under the bed had a coat of fine dust without any signs of animal footprints or trails one might expect from a large snake. During this investigation the mattress was moved aggressively. I think anything inside would have instinctively moved around after being thrown upsidedown as the mattress was dropped into place. I even walked on the box spring as the mattress was propped on its side, and felt nothing under bare
I made the bed, went back to sleep, and felt the movements inside the upper mattress again. This time, at the foot of my mattress under the sheets, I felt what I can only describe as an intense magnetic field pushing my feet to the side. In the area at the foot of the bed above the mattress was the sensation similar to holding two magnets together at their poles, and trying to
force them to touch as they are repelled. Only this magnetic field had to be extremely powerful. When I turned on the light this time the shaking stopped abruptly.
I left the light on and was able to sleep again, and this time the shaking did not return.
Does anyone recognize this phenomenon? The rhythm of the impacts in the mattress felt too mechanical to have been a ghost, but what else could it be?
Eugene Ingram Jr
San Jose, California

 I am just very into the paranormal and would like to get into the field. I know I am very sensitive to energy so I feel a lot.


Thoughts: that they are lost spirits who are lonely and need some help to guide them to wherever they need to go Benicia, C.A  DOB: 1988



DOB: 08/08/1975

Los Angeles, California U.S.A


 Taken OCT 26 2005 at Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park Calif. Taken with a Kodak easyshare cx 6200 digital. I took 70 pictures that day and this is the only one it.


Any ideas. Thanks. MIKE

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