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Haunted Victoria

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Here are some haunts to visit in Victoria, but only with permission from the owners..


Badger Weir


Will Will Rook

Pioneer Cemetery


Bendigo - Fortuna Villa - George Lansell can be seen sometimes around dusk gazing over the villa. The caretaker and numerous other staff around the 3 floor staircase have seen a Maid that Lansell allegedly had an affair with. George Lansell’s wife has been seen in a bathtub by the staff. The security guards (relevantly the villa is also the site of a mapping facility for the Australia Armed Forces) have seen barrels being pushed down the hill and lights in the windows. The caretaker hired paranormal investigators to stay the night at Fortuna, he stayed with them and the lights went on and off multiple times. The caretaker asks George Lansell to turn on the lights and the flickering stopped.

Melbourne - Bundoora - La Rundel Mental Asylum - Banging noises heard from outside of hospital. Also music boxes and babies crying around the area. Eerie coldness and smell.

Melbourne - Daisys - A pub located in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne that is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a previous female owner.

Melbourne - Kew Mental Asylum “Willsmere” - This is some of the stories from Willsmere. Noises have been heard for people living in three story houses, hearing noises from the levels above. There are also sightings of ghosts waking up people in the night standing at the ends of their beds.

Melbourne - Luna park - a crazy joker ghost that terrorized people on rides and through things around fifty years ago

Melbourne - Methodist Ladies’ College - When MLC was first opened, in 1890 or something, around that time there was a girl who was a boarder. Her name was Nelly. She was said to either have killed herself, or to have died from a disease. Some people say that they have seen her haunting the top room of the boarding house, which was her room.

Melbourne - Milanos restaurant - ghost of girl who was raped and murdered by original owners. Things smash, names are called and shadows have been seen. Known as Tilly, the ghost is always aggressive to males and more playful to females.

Melbourne - Old Melbourne Jail - A number of ghosts, including the ghost of the famous bushranger Ned Kelly, are said to inhabit the walls of this colonial prison.

Melbourne - Princess Theatre - Eerie lights and uncanny noises. At times violent, tried to push someone down the stairs. Rumor has it, the ghost of an English tenor had a heart attack when he fell through a trap door on the stage while performing in 1888. Seen sometimes as a golden orb, or just a general feeling of uneasiness.

Melbourne - Que Cottages Mental Hospital - noise from tower nightshift.

Melbourne - Pentridge Prison - An evil presence has been noted by several visitors to this prison before they stopped doing tours. Many areas within the prison are said to be haunted by past inmates. The jail is currently being converted into apartments.

Melbourne - Royal park hospital - taps turning on nightshift.

Melbourne - Vermont - the center road milkbar has had reports white ghostly figures floating around and opening doors and are known go round in the other houses in beddoe road

Melbourne - Overnewton Castle - A boy who died there (approx. 15 yr ago) is said to haunt the place the boy apparently fell down the stairs on a school trip and broke his neck the school opposite the castle used to use the castle as a library but since the children (6 yrs to 18/ Prep - Yr12) claimed to see the boy at the top of the spiral staircase the school stopped using it. Also passersby report seeing apparitions in the window. The place is currently a function hall but no one is allowed access to the staircase the main gate has closed itself and lights go on and off when there is apparently no one home.

Melbourne - Sunshine - Ashley Hotel - Reported to be Haunted by a Manager working a graveyard shift after kicking a couple of drunken customers out of the hotel. He went down to the back of the hotel to dispose of the empty beer kegs when he was brutality murdered and his body was left in one of the hotel rooms. Today the hotel dose not run open rooms but the hotel is believed to be haunted with his presence, lights turning on and off the clattering of plates things being moved around and some have seen this poor man.

Melbourne - Sunbury - Salisian Bridge - Hundreds of years ago a maid from Kismet Park manor fell in love with the air to Salisian manor. They used to meet near Salisian Bridge late at night when they couldn’t be discovered. Eventually the young man was to marry, but insisted he marry the maid instead for he truly loved her. His family refused to ever let him see her again and he killed himself. The maid didn’t find out for a while and ever night she continued to go to the bridge where she waited for him. When she found out she killed herself too and now late at night you can see her wandering around Salisian Bridge looking for her lost love.

Melbourne - Victoria Market - Victoria Market was Melbourne’s first general cemetery and still contain over 50 000 bodies buried there including Melbourne’s founder john batman who is buried under a statue of him in the car park and there is two bush rangers ghosts that walk around the stalls in the fruit section.


If you have any information on the following, please share it.

All Saint's Anglican Church, Preston

Batmans Hill (site of the Grollo Tower)

Ballam Park Homestead, Frankston

Caretakers Lodge, Brighton Cemetery

Cobb & Co building, Little Lonsdale Street

Como House, South Yarra

Curators Cottage, Queen's Park, Moonee Ponds

Flagstaff Gardens

Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne

Greater Union Cinema One, Russell Street

Hotel Francis on Lonsdale Street

Luna Park, St. Kilda

Melbourne Cemetery, Melbourne

Melbourne Town Hall

National Gallery, St Kilda Road

National Trust, Tasma Terrace, East Melbourne

Old Melbourne Gaol, Melbourne

Princes Bridge, Melbourne

Princess Theatre, Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

Raveloe, South Yarra

Room 1002 Rydges Melbourne

State Library, Arts Wing

St. Mark's Anglican Church, Fitzroy

The Block Arcade, Melbourne

Victorian Mansion, Church Street, Richmond


The preceding accounts are provided by:  The Shadowlands.


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