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The ghost investigator won't be disappointed at the spooky haunts listed here. Get permission from the owners to visit.


Hobart - Kodak house - A female called Beryl haunts Kodak house in Hobart town center. She mainly haunts the top two stories of the building, but sometimes she comes down to knock down displays or scare the staff. There have been many sightings of Beryl, she is a gentle ghost.

New Norfolk - Willow Court - it is supposed to be haunted by a mad patient that had died there

Port Arthur - This was an old convict site. This place has many ghostly figures, which are always present. Near the old church ruins on a Monday afternoon around 6pm bells where heard ringing from nowhere. There are several more areas in the historic site that contain ghosts.

The Old Hobart Goal - This goal was the used for the housing and execution of convicts during the 1800 and 1900’s…. many people were hung and ‘did time’ here, and there are numerous stories of hauntings and presences.(Can you smell the blood under the old gallows?) Nightly ghost tours are held, as well as occasional trial reenactments.

Richmond - Richmond Bridge - Australia’s oldest bridge, in Richmond, Tasmania, is said to be haunted by the ghost of George Grover, a flagellator supposedly thrown off the bridge by the convicts he tortured during its construction. Grover was transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1825 for stealing and by 1829 records show him as the Flagellator at Richmond. His death in early March 1832 resulted in an inquest concluding that he had laid down whilst drunk and “fallen or was pushed” from the parapet of the bridge, 27 feet in height.” Grover’s ghost is said to appear on the bridge at certain times” The ghost of a large black and white dog, sometimes called ‘Grover’s Dog’, is also seen on the bridge. One lady reports it appearing at her side on several occasions as she walked the bridge at night. It would walk alongside her from one end to the other, and then disappear as quickly as it had come.

Theatre Royal - The theatre has been haunted for many years be a deceased actor/stagehand named Fred. Fred is frequently seen in theatre, both backstage and in the audience. When a fire started after hours in the empty theatre, the fire curtain was mysteriously lowered, saving the theatre from being destroyed. Many believe it was Fred who lowered the curtain, to save his beloved theatre, so the show could go on.


Please send in any information you have on the following:

Acton, Cambridge

Anglesea Barracks, Hobart

Ball and Chain Restaurant, Hobart

Berriedale Inn, Longford

Bishopscourt, Hobart

Bona Vista, Fingal Valley

Burnie Civic Centre, Burnie

Cascades Probation Station, Koonya

Copley Creek Bridge, Lachlan

Dorset Hotel, Derby

Empire Motor Inn, Queenstown

Entally House, Hadspen

Esk View Terrace, Launceston

Franklin House, Launceston

Gaiety Theatre, Zeehan

Garth, Fingal Valley

Gibbet Hill, Perth

Glen Clyde House, Hamilton

Glen Derwent, New Norfolk

Grand Hotel, Zeehan

Government House, Hobart

Isle of the Dead, island used as a burial ground off Port Arthur

Man at The Wheel Hotel (now Errol Flynn Tavern), Hobart

Old Chest Hospital, New Town, Hobart

Parliament House, Hobart

Prospect House, Richmond

Red Feather Inn, Hadspen

Richmond Gaol

Richmond Bridge, Coal River

Richmond Hotel, Richmond

Rokeby House, Campbell Town

Royal Derwent Hospital, New Norfolk

Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart

Schouten House, Swansea

Shot Tower, Taroona

St Andrews Inn, Cleveland

St John's Catholic Church, Richmond

St John's Church, New Town, Hobart

St Just, Clarence

St Luke's Anglican Church, Richmond

St Michael's Collegiate School, Hobart

Stowell, Battery Point

Tara Hall, George Town

Theatre Royal, Hobart

The Oast House, New Norfolk

Tynwald, New Norfolk

Uniting Church, Oatlands

Wanstead Park, Campbell Town

Waverton Hall, Rowella

Wentworth House, Bothwell

Whitestones Cottage, George Town

Wilmot Arms Inn, Kempton

Port Arthur ruins - prison, church and cemetary

Princess Theatre, Hobart


The preceding accounts are provided by:  The Shadowlands.


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