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Haunted Queensland

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Go to the following locations to meet the Queensland ghosts. But get permission from the owner first!

Brisbane - Alexandra Hills State High School - A tall boy, seen with a very tight necktie, occasionally appears late in the afternoon, is seen but when obstructed by a moving crowd etc. can’t be seen. Rumored to have appeared in bathroom mirrors, next to them staring, but not in reality. Matches the picture on a memory plate of a boy that died, while attending Alex Hills

Brisbane - Bogu Road Jail- At around midnight, every night, an old prison guard, who was brutally murdered by 2 inmates, can be seen walking around the perimeter of the fence, just outside the main cell block. If you listen, you can also hear the group of keys that he carried, rattling against his leg as he walks.

Brisbane - Boogo Road Goal - Famous for the ‘Black Hole’ (an underground series of cells used for solitary confinement) it is home to many tormented souls. Brisbane Ghost Tours hold frequent events including haunted sleepovers, horror movie nights, etc.

Brisbane - Brisbane Town Hall - Many people who have worked in the town hall admitted to experiencing a strange phenomenon. It is believed that at least three ghosts reside here. The first ghost is of a woman dressed in period style clothing and the second is a man who was crushed by an elevator. The third ghost is of a sailor who was brutally stabbed to death by a mate. Witnesses have claimed to see all of these ghosts at different times.

Brisbane - Learning Institute of TAFE - Cleaners trying to open the door to an unoccupied room couldn’t budge it. After calling in others and finally opening the door they found a filing cabinet pushed up against the door. Note that this room is on the 3rd floor with no other way to enter or exit it except for the door. The building is rumored to have once been a convent.

Brisbane - Lutwyche Cemetery - when you drive through there at night and get to this dead end your car gets reversed back and you cant put your brakes on to it stops at a certain spot then it is hard to take off.

Brisbane - Newstead House - There have been reported sightings of a young lady in the girls bedroom, and of a manservant and his wife in the kitchen. There have also been sightings of a man under the north veranda. Cold spots and feelings of being watched.

Brisbane - Toowong Cemetery - Toowong Cemetery is one of the biggest and most beautiful in Brisbane. Unfortunately, due to its location near a main road it is a rather loud and restless environment. There are many rumors regarding hauntings and occurrences in the cemetery, however most are just that - rumors. There is a definite vibe to the place; there is very strong energy there and sometimes strong feelings of sadness can be picked up on. The only commonplace rumor of any violent or physical manifestations in the cemetery involves one of the crypts right near the main entrance. People have claimed to hear objects being thrown around and ‘voices’ yelling. Otherwise, it is simply a beautiful cemetery that has unfortunately become victim of vandalism and ridiculous stories. It is just a resting place with strong energies and emotions tied to it. It is believed that the grave stone that you park your car next to, before your car starts to move up the hill is owned by a child that has been hit by a car and sadly died.

Brisbane - Whepstead Manor - There are many ghosts at this site. Once commissioned as a hospital. During night and day it is told that you can hear the voices of singing and laughing been many photos taken at this site which have unexplained phenomena in them children can be heard, as well as the footsteps of them running as they play. Staff reports of hair pulling, which is reportedly something that the “Matron” used to do to keep people in line

Innisfail - Innisfail cemetery - Within this cemetery are many old Italian mausoleums, the unmistakable sounds of very loud breathing can sometimes be heard.

Mossman - Mossman gorge - female aboriginal spirit in the water. water very cold a number of males have drowned here.

Strathpine - BrayPark State High School - At night time when wondering through the school grounds you hear the strange moans of a teenage girl screaming because of the torment her fellow students gave her. Her spirit has a mullet for a haircut and is said to look like a victim of a fire as her skin was believed to be exceedingly abnormal. She committed suicide after hanging herself from the roof of the assembly hall. There have been said to have electrical surges in the hall due to the spirits raging anger.


More information is wanted on the following locations.

Boggo Road Jail, Dutton Park

Brisbane Arcade, Queen Street Mall

Brisbane City Hall

Broadway Hotel

Dutton Park Cemetery

Glengallan Homestead, Allora

Grand Hotel, Childers

Her Majesty's Theatre, Brisbane

Newstead House, Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead

Old Government House, George Street

Parliament House, Corner of George & Alice Streets

Petrie Mansions Restaurant

Royal Brisbane Hospital, Herston

The Majestic Theatre, Pomona

The Plough Inn, East Brisbane

Toowong Cemetery

Whepstead Manor, Wellington

Ye Olde Courthouse Restaurant, Cleveland


The preceding accounts are provided by:  The Shadowlands.


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