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Haunted South Australia

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Here are some haunts to visit when in South Australia.


Adelaide - Adelaide prison - There is a physic said she and local radio station team went to the prison for investigation. They took tape record and saw some orbs floating. The physic heard there was a little girl screaming and asked if the members heard it, one of the DJ did. The rest remains silence, when they went back to the studio. They played the tapes and did heard 3 level screaming voices, from faint to loud.

Adelaide - Norwood - The old Norwood primary school - people believe that once a grounds man who hung himself in a classroom. It’s made out to believe that the lights at night flash on and off Fade in and out. If you were to look at the window you would see a white shadow moving side to side staring you in the eyes. It’s also set to believe that the body of Grounds keeper Brown was buried at the school. Keeper Brown killed himself on March 29th 1940 and on every March 29th he appears around the whole school and protects himself and his grounds from any moving object within the 100 meter radius.

Barossa Valley - Seppeltsfield Winery - built in the early 1800s by Oscar Benno Seppelt who is said to have turned slightly insane after spending hours confined in his private retreat located behind the trophy cellar. If you go on one of their ghost tours held in the summer months you feel as if you are being watched all the time. Walking through the barrel tunnel you can hear loud footsteps above you but there is no floor. after 7 pm the lights will not turn on in the lower levels. the ghostly apparition of a made is said to haunt the homestead and tunnels. If you walk past the distillery and other cellars you can hear screaming in the vineyards and see glowing in the top tower of the distillery. whilst walking past the Vinegar factory you can hear the machines working and wheels cranking and the sounds of steam blasts, but the factory has been locked for over 150 years. during the tours you can go into Oscars retreat which is so small it can only fit a maximum of 4-5 people who even have to bow their heads to walk in. in the Mausoleum of the Seppelt family you can see the eerie bloodstain on the walls that is still wet on the anniversary of their deaths. due to this the Mausoleum was locked and bolted shut in the late 20th century. Moans and whispering can be heard in the dinning hall, which you can hire for functions. and staff and tourists in the garden have heard rifle shots. These ghost tours are not for the faint hearted and no tapes or projectors or computers are used at all. not recommended for children under 10 year old but there are tours during the day. Walk through the gardens as you hear stories of near death experiences and listen to the screams and shots through the air. many tourists have told of cold spots and being pushed by invisible forces. others have told of feeling depressed near the gardens and even being frightened into screaming fits.

Kapunda - Cemetery - Kapunda is a mining town just 2 hours from Adelaide. It is an old mining town. A young girl haunts the local cemetery there. She was sent there to the nuns as she was pregnant and unmarried. The local priest gave her an abortion and still to this day she haunts the local cemetery searching for her baby.

Meningie - Local farms - doors slamming floors creaking voices music things moving.

More information is wanted on the following locations:
Angaston Tourist Bureau, Angaston

Barossa Valley Hwy, Rowland Flat

Dead Man's Pass Reserve, Gawler

Greenoch Hotel, Greenoch

Kapunda Girls Reformatory Cemetery, Kapunda

Lyndoch Hotel, Lyndoch

The Grand Hotel, Millicent


The preceding accounts are provided by:  The Shadowlands.


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