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I live in an old 20's apartment building in Southside, Birmingham, AL. I've been living there for about a year now. I've been noticing some semi-strange things happening. When I moved in I heard quite frequently (along with a couple of other people) the sound of a cat meowing in the hallway.

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I didn't own a cat at that time (i own three now) and on one occasion I saw a medium size black blur go by my foot one night on the way to the bathroom. As I stated before I now have three cats and probably wouldn't hear or see anything strange now. There is also the issue of objects disapearing or moving. Oddly it seems that lighters and other small objects are what tend to go missing more often. At first I thought it was the cats moving them and putting them someplace, but I've moved my furniture many times, scooped out the litter box (in the odd chance they buried them) and on one very odd occasion (creeped me out) I found my lighter that a few minutes before had been on the couch beside me in my underclothes drawer in my room. I had just gotten home that day and hadn't even been in there, let alone my underclothes drawer.

So I guess what I'm trying to get at you guys think I'm living with spirits or am I imagining things? I haven't gotten any pictures or sounds or stuff like that. I live alone. I have my cats. I don't think there is anything evil or mean living with me (except for my cats), I was just wondering about the possibility.



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