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In April 2003 my sister was driving from St. Louis to Winfield, AL on US78.  Somewhere in Mississippi or Alabama she noticed a beat-up old car with 2 young men in it as the vehicle passed her.   

The driver wore a ski cap pulled down firmly on his head to his eyebrows and sat low in the seat.  He seemed peculiar in that he seemed intent on "where he was going" he only looked straight ahead.  He passed her on the left, but as he passed her, he cut in front of her so close that she was sure (visually) he hit her car, although there was no collision.  She was pretty upset with him for cutting in so closely (she couldn't believe they didn't hit).

Anyway, as she passed him further up the road, she tried to keep an eye on him so that he couldn't cut her off again.  They were nowhere near an exit, however, as she looked again in her mirrors - he was gone.  She swears there was no place for him to turn off.  There was something unusual about the vehicle from the very beginning.  


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