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I've been psychically sensitive since I was a child, and have had several experiences both then and continuing into the present.

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The first experiences I can remember happened when I was about 3 years old. I remember sensing other presences periodically and hearing people other than my parents calling my name when I drifted off to sleep, etc.

When I was about 7 we moved to a newly built home on property that had previously been undeveloped fields. Shortly after we moved in, I saw the figure of a young (10-12 years old?) girl in the family room for several minutes during the day. I was eating my snack and watching TV, and just "noticed" her there all of a sudden. I spoke to her but when she didn't respond, I went back to my snack and cartoons.

Shortly after that, I noticed objects moving on the dresser in the guest room on the second floor of the house, also during the day. My dreams became very disturbing and the house seemed unusually charged with negativity, particularly at night. My parents fought more and more with each other and with me and my brother. Within the first year or so after moving into that house, I saw two additional figures which I can remember clearly to this day, though I must have seen them 20 years ago. One, which I saw during the day, was in the guestroom (which seems to channel a lot of these negative feelings and events into the rest of the house), literally looked like a demon reaching for something in the dresser (it was bright red, burnt** looking, and had the most grotesque looking face and body imaginable). This thing actually turned its head to look at me and gave me this hideous smile, if you can believe that, and I ran screaming down the stairs.

I began sleeping with my 5 year old brother after this and crying a lot to my parents, who did not (and to this day do not) believe me. I continued to have terrible nightmares which centered around a few themes: the occult, murder, abuse, and other subjects of which I did not have personal, detailed knowledge at that time.

Though I continued to sleep with my little brother for months, I was unable to get any rest and did not feel any safer. One night I awoke to find a decayed looking, middle-aged (I guess) man/corpse standing in the doorway of my brother's room, wearing what appeared to be my father's plaid bathrobe. Although the bathrobe looked pretty solid, I could see through this horrible looking man. I hid my head under the covers and tried to scream but couldn't. When I took my head out from under them, THE MAN WAS STILL THERE, and remainded there for what seemed like several minutes. When I could finally scream, both my parents, who were in the bedroom directly down the hall, responded, although it took them a while to hear me. The man just disolved, bathrobe and all, when they responded to my calling for them.

Interestingly enough, a few other people, to whom I had not mentioned any of this until later, felt uncomfortable in the house and one friend, who had never had any experience with or belief in the paranormal, refused to sleep in the guestroom after having nightmares - her first in years - which were similar to mine and about topics with which she was also completely unfamiliar.

I continued having terrifying nightmares,which are too detailed to get into here, which lasted until I went to college at age 18. These nightmares resumed everytime I came home to visit or live, and at present I refuse to sleep over when I visit my parents. I also have had numerous "night terrors" while staying there througout the years.

Upon graduating from college, I moved home to look for a job, and lived at home for about 2 years while worked nearby. The relationship between my parents and myself, always strained, became much worse when I returned to live there. The nightmares resumed and I spent most nights awake. One night, while *wide awake*, I heard heavy footsteps running straight down the hall from my parents' bedroom to my brother's (which I took for my own after he moved out) and then this heavy, suffocating presence, literally hovered over me in my bed for a good half an hour. Here I was, about 23 or 24 years old, crying and praying in the bed for a straight half hour, feeling smothered by something I can't adequately describe. I feel ridiculous relating this story know but the feeling was so real and so terrifying and I was so awake, that I can't dismiss it as a product of an overtired brain or overactive imagination. This was possibly the most terrifying experience I ever had, although ot! ! hers have given it serious competition. I must mention that I sleep quite well in most other places, and have only had "paranormal" experiences a few other times in a few other places.

Interestingly enough, during my first year of college, my brother began having very similar experiences to mine, particularly late at night, which included cold sensations, feeling like he was being watched, and hearing this rocker in the guestroom rock on its own, all of which I experienced regularly while living there.

He got to be so frightened there that he stayed out of high school for a week and came to stay with me at college 250 miles away. We had never discussed our experiences with each other prior to this time, and were shocked and relieved to hear someone else confirm that these were not figments of either of our imaginations, unless we were imagining the same things.

Most recently, while visiting my husband's parents this father's day weekend, my husband, our two cats and I stayed in the loft of their home. There home is a modernized farmhouse in Massachussetts. It is over 100 years old, and they have added a huge addition to it and made many renovations. The loft, a bedroom, living area and bath, which used to be the entire upstairs of the original farmhouse, is a very peaceful place during the day. During the almost eight years since I've known my husband, however,I have never been able to sleep up there, and it has become standard practice for us to leave a light or two on for my benefit when we sleep up there.

This past weekend while we were staying there, I had *horrible* dreams, which is standard (although these dreams are quite different from the ones I have at my parents' house). I woke up several times during the night and was unable to shake this sense of fear. Each time I tried to go back to sleep, the dreams continued where they left off. In the dreams I was being tormented by two women and a man. Finally I woke up and although I was afraid, got out of bed to put the lights back on (I had tried to sleep with them off). At one point, I heard this bizarre, high-pitched, garbled speech, which sounded almost like someone killing a bird (it's really tough to accurately describe this sounds but it was horrible), and at one point saw a dark, large, human-like shape at the door. Needless to say I was awake all night. I couldn't wake my husband up no matter how hard I tried to tap or shake him, although my cats could sense how scared I was and stayed awake with me.

I spoke with my mother-in-law, who is reluctant to discuss the possiblity of spirits in her house, and she mentioned that she has felt other presences in the house since they first looked at it before buying it. The people who rented the house before my in-laws bought it told them that every time the father and daughter would argue, the light at the top of the stairs (outside the door to the loft) would turn on and off.

My mother-in-law said she feels like she's being *embraced* by something female when she's up in that room napping, however, and that her pets like it up there. I told her my sense was that the male I sensed was just "there" but that the female presences (I sensed one or two) were giving me the message that they don't want me there and were being, as my mother-in-law put it, "bitchy." I didn't feel like my physical saftely was being threatened, but like they were very hostile towards me and wanted to scare the crap out of me (which they did) so I'd leave.


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