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 When we talk about automatic writing, we are talking about channeling. We are allowing information to come through our hand from the other side or from our own higher self. Although there may be no way to prove whether or not automatic writing is real, you will come to your own conclusions. At first it may be hard to understand how easy this process is, but being able to set your analytical side aside will help you to accept the wonderful tool that this can be in your life.

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 With automatic writing you can access all the ideas, knowledge, and wisdom that is and ever will be known. It involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness that is called a trance. To achieve the Trance State to allow your guides in, you can use either a progressive relaxation or trigger technique. Triggers are very easy to develop. Remember that anything we do on a consistent basis becomes a habit. To develop a trigger, and this can be used anytime you would like to go into an instant state of relaxation, do the following exercise.
Developing a Trigger
     Lets say that I wanted to use the intent that every time I touched my first two fingers of my left hand to the middle of my forehead (My third eye) I would automatically go into a state of trance, a state of relaxation that will open my subconscious mind to receive information. Now that I know what will trigger this state in me, I have to reinforce this on a consistent basis so that it will become a habit.
1.  Sit quietly and take a few easy breaths. Allow your body and mind to slow down. As you are relaxing, say silently to yourself, Every time I touch my first two fingers of my left hand to my forehead, I will go into an open receptive state. Say this ten times and then do it. As you sit relaxed, touch the first two fingers of your left hand to your forehead and see how even more relaxed you feel. Your head will probably want to slowly tilt down so that your chin is resting against your chest. Your eyelids will feel heaviness to them and your body will become more relaxed.
2.  Then to bring yourself back up, say silently to yourself, At the count of three, I will become fully awake and alert.
     Its that easy. A trigger becomes part of us on a subconscious level. It uses a physical conditioning that has developed into a habit. When a trigger is initiated, it opens our subconscious and our subconscious searches for the response we have given that trigger. It is like a child that is hit and told, I love you. To the child the slap is the trigger that opens the subconscious mind and develops the response that, If I get slapped, that means love to me. Thats why so many abused children either become abusers or abuse the ones they love. Developing good, strong, positive triggers are necessary for a healthy life.
     One of the most well known people to use automatic writing is Ruth Montgomery. She comes from a very analytical background as a reporter. It was in her search for information on what channeling was all about that she connected with Lilly, her guide, and a group of twelve other spirits from the other side that communicated with her on a daily basis. You would be surprised at the number of people that have written books, music, scientific formulas, etc. using automatic writing as the technique to obtain their information.
     People who automatically write feel more grounded, stable, and in charge of there lives. Note your guides will not give you all the answers. They are there to assist you, not run your life. They acknowledge and respect your free will. You are the one who will make use of their words of wisdom to amplify and clarify your souls path. You just need to get your own thoughts out of the way and become receptive to their higher guidance.
     When you begin a session, make sure it is at a time when you will not be disturbed for fifteen to twenty minutes. It is important to pay attention during a session. You could possibly run into a spirit that is trying to come through you that is not of your highest good. When you acknowledge this presence, stop the session immediately and say, I ask that the angels come and take this spirit that has entered my session to the appropriate place. Your guides will never demand that you to do something. They may keep telling you the same thing over and over; trying to nudge you in a certain direction, but they never try to run your life. If you ever receive a demand during a session, you are not channeling the proper spirit.
     Using protection is very important. Although some feel that they do not need to use any light of protection, there are things in your life that can affect your vibrational level. Some of these are anger, negativity, drugs and alcohol, depression, illness, which can make you more vulnerable to a lower vibrational spirit coming into your session.
     Some of you will experience your hand taking off immediately. Others will be making circles and it will seem like nothing is coming through. Be patient. If youre just getting circles but receiving strong mental messages, then go ahead and write them down. Sometimes when you write it down it will lead you into full automatic writing.
Steps to a Session
1. Write the date at the top of your paper.
2. Have a clear question of what you want information on.
3. Be clear about whom you wish to come in to give you this information, including your own higher self.
4. Either go through a body relaxation, or use a trigger to put yourself into a trance state.
5. Bring in the white light of protection.
6. Ask your guides, masters, or whoever you wish to communicate with, to join you. Have them sign in and then sign out when the session is through. This will give you an indication of who you are communicating with.
7. When you feel them around you, youll feel your protection intensify.
8. Allow your eyes to open slightly while holding your pen or pencil with a very limp wrist.
9. At the end of the session, thank whomever you have communicated with for sharing their information with you. Bring yourself back up with the count of three method.
     The following is a script that you may record to take you through a complete session. This is helpful when you are first starting your journey in using this tool.
     Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Allow your eyes to gently close. Allow your breathing to begin to slow down. If your immediate attention is needed at anytime during this session, you may bring yourself back simply by counting from one to three and saying silently to yourself, Wide awake, wide awake. You are in complete control. Breathe in and relax completely. Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you comfortably can, and let the breath out through slightly parted lips. Take another deep breath and hold it, and let it out. As you do you feel yourself begin to let go and relax, allow your thoughts to begin to slow down. Just let any thought that comes in just drift away, drift away, and drift away. In a moment, Im going to begin to relax your body one part at a time, and as I do, I want you to mentally send that part of your body relaxing signals.
 Imagine a beautiful shower of white rose petals gently coming down and entering the top of your head. And as each petal touches your crown Chakra, you experience a very calming, protective feeling begin to flow through your entire body, because within each one of these rose petals is the light of spirit. As it moves down through your face, it relaxes all the muscles in your face. It moves down into your neck and relaxes your neck and your shoulders. Feel it move to the back of your neck and down your spine.  It continues to move on into your upper arms, your forearms, your wrists, and into your hands. Soothing, relaxing, protecting, healing.
     Feel this relaxing feeling move back up your arms and into your chest, allowing your breathing to become more relaxed, more at ease. Now allow this feeling to flow down into your waist. Feel your waist relaxing. Now allow this feeling to move down into your hips and your thighs. Allow your hips and thighs to relax completely. Everything from your head to your hips is loose and relaxedso relaxed, and so at ease. Now feel this relaxing power flow down into your calves, your ankles, and into your toes, relaxing completely, going deeper, deeper, and deeper.
     You are now very open and receptive. Your body is completely relaxed but your mind is awake and alert on all levels. As you continue to breathe in, imagine your body relaxing like it never has before.  You feel the quietness of spirit flowing through your entire body. Take a moment and allow this light to blend with your own light.  Feel the oneness.

We are now going to work together to create a channel for you to successfully automatic write. You absolutely have the power and ability to allow the energy of your higher self, or an entity of your choice, to communicate with you through your hand through automatic writing.
     Now focus on that which you desire to learn through automatic writing. Repeat over and over one well worded sentence as a mental mantra. Also, continue to concentrate on the source from which you will receive your information. Do this while I remain quiet for a moment. (Allow 1 minute)     

All right, its time to call in your guides and masters to assist you to intensify the connection and to spiritually protect you during this session. Visually see yourself at your special place and know that your guides and masters are coming to assist you. Now call out silently in your mind and call them in. Hear your voice echo out across the universe and back to you. (Wait 30 seconds)

     Now its time to intensify the spiritual protection, so visualize very vividly a bright white light coming down from above and entering your crown Chakra. This is the Universal light of life energy. See it, feel it, a shimmering bright white light entering your crown Chakra and beginning to flow through your body and mind. Feel it flowing through you and its beginning to concentrate around your heart area. Now feel the light flowing from your heart area and totally surrounding you in an aura of protection. Know that you are always protected from any negativity throughout this entire session.  This assures only sincere contact from evolved and loving entities. It will protect you through the days, weeks, and months that follow. Know that this is happening. Only your own guides and masters or those that you invite may communicate through your hand. Now its time to make contact with the source of the information that you seek to come through you. So do this now. Silently, in your mind, ask the question you wish to receive information on and the source from which you wish to receive it. (Wait 30 seconds)
     Now as you begin the writing, hold your eyes slightly open as you stare blankly at the paper. You will keep your pen moving at all times. All right, at the count of three you will begin to write automatically. One...... Two.....  Three. (Wait 15 to 20 minutes)
     Its time now to complete your session. Just close your eyes and complete this session by thanking the source of your information. (Wait 10 seconds) And now youll come back to full consciousness. At the count of three youll be back in the room, feeling wonderful, relaxed, and refreshed. One, coming back just a little. Two, coming back and feeling a wonderful sense of love. Three, wide awake and feeling wonderful.

The Book of Matan: Automatic Writings from the Brink of Eternity
Nik Douglas
Direct from spirit: Automatic writing from the other side
The Making of Yeats's a Vision: A Study of the Automatic Script
George Mills Harper
Yeats's Vision Papers: The Automatic Script : 5 November 1917-18 June 1918
W. B. Yeats
Anathema of Zos: The Sermon to the Hypocrites, an Automatic Writing
Austin Osman Spare
The ghost epigrams of Oscar Wilde as taken down through automatic writing by Lazar
To walk with God;: An experience in automatic writing,
Anne Wintermute Lane
Swan on a black sea: A study in automatic writing, the Cummins-Willett scripts;
Geraldine Dorothy Cummins
Letters from Julia, or, Light from the Borderland: A series of messages as to the life beyond the grave received by automatic writing from one who has gone before
W. T Stead
Spirit world and spirit life: Automatic writing
Charlotte E Dresser
Evidences of survival from experiences with automatic writing
Edward Marshall Hall
Title: Automatic Writing and Hieroscripting: Tap Unlimited Creativity and Guidance
Shelley L. Stockwell
Table Rapping & Automatic Writing
Alexander Verner
The open door; a case history of automatic writing
Theon Wright
Automatic Writing
Tara Sutphen
Fox-Taylor automatic writing, 1869-1892;
Sarah Elizabeth Langworthy Taylor
Automatic writing: An approach to the unconscious
Anita M Mu?hl
Life in the circles,: Further lessons received through automatic writing,
Anne (Wintermute) Lane
Automatic Writing
Ataxia Cdrcol 48845
My letters from heaven: Being messages from the unseen world given in automatic writing to Winifred Graham by her father, Robert George Graham
Winifred Graham
Automatic or spirit writing,: With other psychic experiences,
Sara A. Francis Underwood
Automatic writing combined with "crystal gazing"
Morton Prince
The greater revelation: Messages from the unseen world received through automatic writing in various languages [!] includlng Chinese and Japanese, in the ... signatures of those sending the messages
Katharine Evans Von Klenner
Spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena
Chung Ling Soo
Beyond the horizon;: Being new evidence from the other side of life communicated by Gordon Burdick in automatic writing
Grace Rosher
The message received through automatic writing
Alfred Wainwright
Experiences in Hades and heavens,: Communicated through the hand of W.D. Tilney
William D Tilney
Life in the hereafter: Automatic writings and dictation from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Walter Raleigh, Mary, Queen of Scots, Lady Jane Seymour, Catherine of Aragon,
Elizabeth Mary Thompson

Peter Shires

Edain McCoy

Anita M. Muhl

Nancy S. Ritz
8 Welton Ave.
Norwalk, Ohio 44857

Note: This was the substance of the talk given by Nancy Ritz at the IMDHA Conference on November 8, 1998.


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