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How to Practice Automatic Writing

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Automatic writing is an old form of divination. Some have written lengthy messages, songs and even complete novels through automatic writing.


1. Find a quiet spot without distractions. Sit where you'll be comfortable, with paper and pen (or pencil).

2. Clear your mind.

3. Touch pen or pencil to the paper.

4. Do not consciously write anything.

5. Keep your mind as clear as possible, let your hand write whatever comes.

6. Avoid looking at the paper or keep your eyes closed.

7. Give it time.(it may take awhile).

8. If and when automatic writing does occur, it may appear to be nonsense or just scribbling, but decipher it as best as possible.

9. Look for letters, numbers, pictures and symbols.

10.Keep trying. Your first attempts may not be successful.

11.When you start to achieve success, you ask questions and see if you receive responses.

How To Do Automatic Writing (Llewellyn's "How-to" Vanguard)
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A Beginner's Guide to Life After Death: The Teachings of Wilhelm and John, an Experience in Automatic Writing
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Spirit slate writing and kindred phenomena
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Beyond the horizon;: Being new evidence from the other side of life communicated by Gordon Burdick in automatic writing
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Table Rapping & Automatic Writing
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Tips: Some messages that come across might be disturbing. Be aware of psychological dangers.


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