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Help for People with Ghost Problems (Para-Help)

Find Help with Your Haunting in Michigan
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These groups or individuals in Michigan are able to help you with your ghostly / paranormal problems. Look below to find the ones closest to or in your area.

My name is Jeff. I am Lead Investigator, Public Relations and Co-Owner for ParaHaunt Paranormal Researchers. Our group has been in existence for over 15 years performing investigations on both businesses and residential homes. We are one of the few groups that will investigate potential demon hauntings within Michigan and surrounding states. We are based out of Southeastern Michigan.

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We are a Michigan ghosthunting group, based in and around the Flat Rock area, with a satellite group in Flint.  Our members have been associated with other groups in the past and have a combined total of about thirty years experience in dealing with the supernatural. 
 We offer assistance, at no charge, to the living, in dealing with the dead.  We know how difficult it can be, and we treat each case with compassion and discretion.
 SEMPSI--SouthEastern Michigan Paranormal Support & Investigation--
 We have helped clear private homes and places of business, so if you are anywhere in Southeastern Michigan, and you have a problem with things that go bump in the night, (or in the middle of the afternoon, for that matter)--call us.  You may reach us at 1-734-675-4824, or email Neva Magusin at
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WPARanormal Inc, a 501(c)(3), Clergy led,
Paranormal Investigation Club, based in Portage, Michigan,
was founded by Bob Penny and Rev. Robert DuShane, both
Certified Paranormal Investigators, as Kalamazoo Ghost
Hunters Club in 1993.

We do investigations in the tri-state area, with most
efforts focused on South West Michigan.

Our goal is to prove to the world the existence of
paranormal activities. One method we use is to disprove
some "hauntings" and then focus on sites we believe to
be active, and attempt to disprove them too.

We are non-profit and never charge for our services.
Donations and the members themselves support us.

We use the latest scientific equipment to aid us in
our investigations.
Rev. Robert DuShane
5615 S. Sprinkle Road
Portage, MI 49002
phone: 269-329-2860

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The DeadWatch Society
Battle Creek, Michigan
Info: We are a paranormal research team based in Battle Creek, Michigan that offers free, confidential and
professional investigations for private homeowners and
commercial entities. We are willing to travel for cases if it warrants. Feel free to browse our site at
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Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society
(of Michigan)...UPPRS...Yoopers!
Sault Ste. Marie, MI
phone: 906-440-4890
Tim Ellis

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Michiana Ghost Society

Paranormal research in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. We are a not for profit organization who is dedicated to paranormal research and

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West Michigan Spirit Seekers
Hello, we are located in the Grand Rapids area in Michigan, we would go to about anywhere in the lower half of Michigan. We are not formally trained, but now we have enlisted a very good psychic for our group, who is going to train us more. She can also help spirits cross over.

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PHOTOGRAPHIC INVESTIGATION RESEARCH TEAM:  P.I.R.T.  A team of Paranormal Investigators in search of Paranormal activity, hauntings, strange and unexplainable occurrences.  Led by John A. Harris, an experienced 20 year Private Investigator and Surveillance Specialist setting his sights on the unexplained.  P.I.R.T. believes there are answers to most "unexplainable" activity, but there are some that are just beyond explaination.  Using photographic technology, investigational and technical tools of the trade and an open mind, we have set out to investigate, research and document these occurrences.  Please contact us if you are in need of an investigation or have information to share, know of a potentially haunted location, or unexplainable activity.  Our services are free, we are based out of Lansing Michigan and will cover most areas (our rule of thumb: "have ghost? - will travel!").  CONTACT:
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If you are experiencing paranormal activity and need assistance please contact us.  Our services are professional and 100% free.  Information is kept strictly confidential and investigations are very discreet.  We research the history of the location and use scientific methods and psychical impressions to gain a full understanding of the phenomenon and determine it's cause.  Our experienced investigators include AGS members, the Central KY. and Southern IN. AGS reps and established clairvoyants.  All the procedures we may use to investigate the location will be explained fully.  We will supply you with a full report of our findings.  Your information will be kept strictly confidentail.  Our interest is not fame and fortune.  Only to advance the field of paranormal study and assist those in need.
Ghost Hunters Society Of Michigan is a paranormal investigations team lead by Heather Woodworth and Shannon Goodrich, their team works with other paranormal investigators studying the possibilities of hauntings in many places, using sophisticated surveillance and recording devices along with atmospheric monitoring devices. This team conducts thorough investigations; we approach all cases with an open mind and search for all possible explanations for any phenomena witnessed. We use the tools and logic of science to analyze all that we observe and report all observations and findings in an unbiased and accurate manner.



Find help with your paranormal problems.
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